AON Minet Delivers Crucial Message To Teachers Amid Covid 19 Pandemic In Schools

As published by on November 7th 2020

Teachers across the nation are the heavily guarded interms of medical coverages.The teachers are currently in two medical schemes which are NHIF and AON Minet.This has enabled teachers choose on which medical provider to use when sick in the hospitals.However,at times,the teachers have been forced to use both at once due to high medical bills that cannot be footed by one service provider.

Sometimes back,the teachers had rampantly complained about the services provided by AON Minet.Teachers had cried foul of being turned away from some medical facilities under the company.The hospitals had been complaining about the delayed Payments by the medical provider.These complains however reached the parliament.Just this week,the senate put the company to task to explain why it has been oppressing the teachers yet it receives their money through check-off system from the employer.

TSC also responded by telling the teachers that their Ksh 35Billion is safe and it is providing the best medical services to teachers across the region.At times,teachers have been surprised by the hospitals such that AON recognises them as the only beneficiaries in their system leaving behind their dependants.Due to this,AON on its tweeter account has reminded the teachers about this registration including the mobile code for registration.This reminder is meant for any addition of dependants or change of dependants.