Minet Kenya’s ISO 9001 2015 journey

January 25, 2022

Our ISO 9001 2015 journey began almost 3 years ago with the introduction of Minet Kenya’s new strategic pillars. The Operational Excellence Pillar targeted our subscription and certification to the ISO 9001 2015 standard as a key performance indicator. A committee was constituted to steer this goal with at least one representative from each department as well as a representative from the executive committee. The business invested in, and embarked on, a vigorous training journey for the champions as well as the lead auditors.

Once the training was done, a gap analysis of our processes was conducted, and the results were shared company wide. All teams were made aware of the gaps and what needed to be done for us to achieve the set goal of Operational Excellence and the enhancement of overall Customer Experience. All teams, with the guidance of their ISO champions, worked on their standard operating manuals and other documents as required by the standard with an understanding that an ongoing, sustained approach to set standards on operational excellence not only increases employee engagement and satisfaction, but also unlocks greater productivity and in turn, better financial results.