Being a cybersecurity champion for the company you work for

April 29, 2020

Finally getting the hang of the work-from-home culture!

By now, you should have a dedicated spot in your home as your new “Office” away from your office and as strange as it was at first, I bet you have settled and have found your way through basic challenges of the “Work-from- Home” culture. Look at you, a passionate employee who’s not bound by any limitations when it comes to business productivity and performance excellence.

Working from home, also called teleworking and telecommuting, is a work arrangement in which employees do not commute or travel to an office for work, but instead work from home or a location close to home. While some employees have been using this method for a while to ensure business productivity, most companies are now forced to practice this way of working as many countries have been on lockdown as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 which has been declared a global pandemic. Although working from home may represent many benefits, it also comes with a great cybersecurity threat to a company’s private network.