Cyber insurance in the COVID-19 environment

May 19, 2020

With the unprecedented global pandemic of COVID-19, companies are adapting to the new reality of social distancing and self-isolation, practices encouraged by the government and health authorities, leading many businesses to transition large numbers of employees to remote working. Many of these employees, and for that matter employers to0, have no prior experience in working remotely, and in most cases, are not even properly equipped to do so.

Remote working requires, among other things, equipping employees with the ability to connect to company servers from home. This necessitates providing the employees with the tools required to carry out their work efficiently, such as laptops, at home workstations, and remote access to secured networks and other company resources. As companies are grappling with challenges associated with the outbreak of Covid-19 and its attendant effects on large scale remote work, business growth & sustainability and on expense and liquidity management, organizations are increasingly relaxing their IT rules and policies. Such new IT policies include “bring and use your own device programmes” as organizations aim to increase employee mobility.