Important points that TSC Teachers don’t know about Minet, their health provider

As published on on September 15th 2020

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has ensured that its employees get the best as far as the protection of their health is concerned. To fulfil this, TSC has contracted Minet to take care of the health issues of its members. Teachers employed by the commission have been benefiting a big deal. However, there are a number of very important things that teachers don’t know concerning their health insurer.

Starting with the outpatient services: teachers do get very good service and the amount depends on the job group. Minet takes care of 6 individuals or persons in a family. The covered persons include the contributor, one spouse and four children. The children who are over 18 years must have proof of schooling.

Teachers also are not aware that their inpatient covers up to between kshs 750,000- 2.5m depending on the job group. This involves services that teachers get while they are admitted in a hospital. In addition to this, teachers also get 35,000 dental care per family and optical services going up to Kshs 45,000 per year.

Minet also extends its services beyond Kenyan borders, that is to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, India, United Arab Emirates, and South Africa. If a teacher wants to seek medical treatment internationally, there are restrictions pegged to it. One must get clearance from the ministry of health to prove that services being sought can not be found in Kenyan medical facilities. The cost is also pegged to a maximum of 1.2m.

In case a contributor passes on, there is a group life cover which is calculated as basic salary, multiplied by 12 and then multiplied by 3. The last expense is also given to the bereaved ranging from Kshs 200,000 to 600,000.

We looked at the inpatient allocations in each job group as well. In case a teacher exhausts his or her year’s allocation, teachers are allowed to make an application of excess loss which is between Kshs 150K-450K. Maternity which is over kshs 100k too has an excess loss of kshs 15k to 45k. There is also the last expense of between kshs 200,000-600,000 and must be reported within 48 hours after the death.

The teachers must ensure that they note those hospitals which mistreat teachers through charging through unnecessary charges. The fact that most hospitals are overpricing is clear. Therefore, teachers should help the insurer in identifying hospitals that are overpricing their services so that they can be blacklisted.

Source: Opera News