Minet develops digital assets for supporting teachers

As published by the kenyanbulletin.com on November 15th 2022

Minet Kenya has developed digital assets that support teachers to access self-service through their mobile phones while utilising medical insurance.

Minet Kenya also runs a bespoke wellness program that is unmatched in the industry that has transformed the lives of over 10,000 Kenyans who have signed up for the program.

Muthui further expounded on the work of the Minet Foundation, which was established to play an active role in improving the lives of the people in the communities in which Minet operates. The Foundation focuses on education, health care, and building sustainable communities and is aimed at making a lasting and measurable impact.

Commenting on the Diamond Jubilee anniversary, Minet Group CEO Joe Onsando said: “It is heart-warming to see our group, a truly Pan-African player with a diverse African footprint, owned and led by Africans, being in a position to celebrate a legacy spanning 75 years on the continent. This is an affirmation of the tireless efforts our team has put into building and growing the company into Africa’s number one leading risk advisory firm whilst also ensuring the health and livelihoods of millions of people across the African continent is insured.”

Elaborating on the growth of the Group, Onsando explained that in 1997, the leading global professional services firm Aon, as part of their global expansion strategy, acquired JH Minet’s African operations and changed the company name to Aon.

2017 saw private equity firm Capitalworks, alongside management, acquire Aon’s shareholding in several African operations and the reinstatement of the brand name Minet in Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Uganda, and Zambia. This change also saw the signing of a Global Network Correspondent Agreement with Aon, ensuring the company continued to service Aon’s multinational clients in Africa. Subsequently, Tanzania, Mozambique (Minseg) and Botswana have been added to the Minet Group stable. Commenting on the ever-increasing need for risk advisory services, Onsando said: “In today’s highly volatile world, risk is ever present: pandemics, environmental risk (adverse weather events and natural catastrophes), technological risk (cyber-attacks and data breach), and socio-political risk (riots and terrorist attacks) are just a few from a long list of risks that people and organisations are faced with. As we are more interconnected than ever before, the impact of such risks is increasingly severe. An event happening halfway across the world can disrupt supply chains and impact a local business as was clearly evidenced by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

He continued : “The world is going through a paradigm shift on many levels, and the importance of professional, qualified, and forward-looking advice has become crucial in securing financial security for businesses. Managing risks and costs is imminently more critical as the interconnectivity of traditional and emerging risks means that organisations can no longer evaluate individual risks in isolation. Today, risks should be looked at in a more holistic way.”

“Our clients benefit from the deep expertise and vast knowledge Minet has to offer. Our team is able to access global skills and capabilities and to deliver locally relevant, market-leading, and fit-for-purpose solutions to ensure our clients can thrive in today’s uncertain times. As their trusted risk advisor, we continue to provide unique solutions and personalised service, ultimately enabling our clients to identify, quantify and manage their risk exposure and meet the future in more predictable ways,” concluded Onsando.