Our senior citizens need protection too

January 31, 2023

October 2019 was a trying time for our family. An aunt was turning 80 years old, a major milestone for this family matriarch. In our wisdom, we chose an outdoor venue in the cold chilly month of August to celebrate. A week later I got a call from my sister that our aunt was unwell and was going to see her general practitioner. I continued with my day without much thought to it. In the evening, I called my aunt to check on her, and she told me she was waiting to be admitted.

If you have ever been hospitalized, you know how daunting the hospitalization process can be. Luckily, my background in medical insurance came in handy, but that still did not relieve me of the worry of having an unwell relative. We got her a private room, and she got the best specialist and nursing care, which eventually facilitated a smooth discharge process. You see, this was easy for me as I had done this for many clients before.