What we need to discover about life before we die

December 27, 2022

Five years ago, if someone had told me to be grateful to people or things or circumstances that irritate, annoy, infuriate, or anger me, I would have recommended that they should see a psychiatrist at hospitali ya vichaa (mental hospital). Over the years, however, as I grew older and became more enlightened, I have deeply reflected on this wisdom. Yes, I have come to the agreement that indeed people who press your buttons, people who split your hair, people who depreciate your effort, and people who treat you with abandoned cruelty are your humbling teachers. Their behavior and treatment may drive you crazy, but they make you dream big and find ways of escaping from the mess you may be in. They make you see new possibilities and options. Hug them. Bless them. Circumstances that seem tough and defeating are great gifts for personal growth. They make you strong emotionally to weather the storm of life. Love them. There can be no success without pain, without being rejected, without being rebuffed. Every time I reflect on this subject, I feel sorry for, but at the same time get encouraged by the founder of KFC, Colonel Harland Sanders, who moved from door to door, selling his chicken recipes. He got rejected more than one thousand times before his recipe became a hit. One thing that you and I need to discover before our time is up is that everything worthwhile in life is uphill.