Nothing significant has ever been accomplished without criticism

January 31, 2021

Ralph Waldo said; “whatever cause you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong.” No one reaches the top without criticism. Yes, no one has, and no one will. If you think you have achieved or you are able to achieve success without controversy, I have bad news for you; you have a long way to go and you have not yet started climbing the success ladder. When you see someone, whom you consider to be successful, odds are high that there were people in his life, who counted him out, who did not give him any chance to succeed, who criticized his ideas, who offended him or called him stupid.

Successful people take criticism as manure for personal growth. True, smart people build monuments from stones that critics throw at them. You will never achieve greatness if you are afraid of being criticized. You should accept the unacceptable, ignore the rules, and disregard the norms. Instead, you should write your own rules, accept to be controversial, run your own race and rebel against convenience. No one achieves success without being controversial.