Organizations Urged To Improve Mental Health And Well-Being Of Their Employees

As published on on December 6th 2023

Safaricom plc together with Minet Insurance have held a forum to discuss mental health and well-being of employees and employers in different work places so as to improve not only their mental health and well-being but also improve their productivity and output.

Speaking at the event, Minet Kenya representative, Lydia Macharia stated that employees’ dynamic lifestyle is fast-paced with high pressure which pose a myriad of challenges that really affect them on a daily basis.

She added that these high pressures lead to several manifestations of stress related illnesses leading to a rise in mental health disorders and issues.

“According to the statistics shared, one out of every four employees may look okay but the truth is that they are going through a lot silently,” stated Macharia.

She emphasised that mental well-being is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and well-being and their strength to reach their full potential.

The Representative cited Kenya as a country that is very calm, hence creating an environment where organisations can delve into mental health issues through the theme of unlocking minds and transforming futures.

Macharia urged everyone to not just explore the choreography of well-being within organisations, but also recognize the competitive advantage that arises when they embark on the mental health journey together.

She observed that the most valued assets in any organisation is its people and therefore, their well-being is of great importance.

Further, she said that employees are not only performers and just there for productivity, instead, they are the architects of the collective future of organisations and the nation.

“Employees not only hold the potential to transform organisations either positively or negatively but also unlock possibilities that can set organisations apart in the business world,” she reiterated.

Macharia advised that in order to secure tomorrow’s future for the nation, everybody needs to take one step at a time together in this mental well-being journey.

She noted that a workforce which feels supported, understood and empowered is not just productive but also becomes a driving force that propels organisations ahead in the competitive landscape.

According to Macharia, organisations must put into place initiatives of mental health that fosters mental well-being so as to attract the brightest minds who seek not just professional success but a nurturing environment that values their mental and emotional health.

“As we unlock minds within organisations, we are not merely fostering a healthy workplace, but unlocking the potential for innovation, creativity and resilience,” said Macharia.

She stressed that a mentally resilient workforce is not just an asset but also a catalyst for transformative change which is a strategic advantage that positions organisations not only as market leaders but an example to be emulated by others.

In his remarks, Safaricom plc, Chief Human Resources Officer, Paul Kasimu said that Safaricom has taken many strides over the years to get to its current level as a company, adding that in order to help fight mental illness, individuals should first fix themselves before helping others.

He advised other organisations to come up with clinics and wellness check centres which will help their employees to open up and speak out their minds so as to encourage mental well-being.

By Silus Waswa and Rhoda Sinigi