When health and wealth intertwine

January 18, 2022

In one of Robin Sharma’s writings, he referenced “…Ideas are worth nothing unless backed by application…”, and such is no exception when it comes to wealth and health because the greatest wealth anyone can have is health. Minet – being a trusted risk advisor – continues to be in alignment with all the adjustments in the corporate community that relate to the good performance in all aspects. Therefore, at Minet we continue to adhere to all that “meets the uncertainties of tomorrow by delivering risk and human capital solutions today”.

Health is one of the things that needs to be given top priority and even then, we are so absorbed in making our careers a priority, oftentimes neglecting our wellness, and in the long run this becomes disastrous. Even more so in these times where we are challenged greatly with the Covid-19 Pandemic. Since Minet does not offer merely blanket solutions for its clients, coherently we form a unified body to ensure that employers understand the importance of investing in their employees’ health care, which essentially results in a solidified wealth of the overall company, its staff and all of its stakeholders.