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Minet Group turns 2!

Aon Namibia change to Minet Namibia


As a skilled risk advisory expert, deeply rooted in the African continent, Minet enjoys a vast pool of expertise and solid industry knowledge through its employees across the region. Minet’s thought leadership articles are written by our very own employees, on subjects that are close to their heart and relate to the business we are in: Risk, Reinsurance, People.

Insurance underwriting

Insurance underwriting April 16, 2024 The central part of the insurance business is underwriting. Underwriting is a process, by which an insurer decides whether to accept a proposed risk or…
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Benefits of Insurance for Companies

Benefits of Insurance for Companies April 02, 2024 Benefits of Insurance for Companies: 1. Risk Management: Insurance helps companies manage and mitigate risks, protecting them from financial losses due to…
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Disruptive thinking: our ancestral heritage

Disruptive thinking: our ancestral heritage February 6, 2024 In the heart of Africa, where the rhythm of the savannah echoed with laughter, a tribal elder gathered the community and said,…
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Cyber risks insurance policy

Cyber risks insurance policy November 14, 2023 Many organizations nowadays rely on technology to manufacture goods and deliver services to their clients. Technology is efficient and cost effective, hence the…
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The emerging risk!

The emerging risk! September 26, 2023 The world is at risk of losing generations into subsequent generations. The world is what it is because the ecosystem was created to be…
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Leasing in Africa

Leasing in Africa September 19, 2023 Asset Leasing in Africa has gained popularity in recent years as an alternative to asset ownership. In short, Asset Leasing refers to the practice…
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Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity insurance August 29, 2023 The remedial compensation practice for (professional) mistakes made has been present even before the introduction of Professional Indemnity Insurance which came in place around…
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How to simplify catastrophic recovery through innovation

How to simplify catastrophic recovery through innovation February 21st, 2023 Increased uncertainty and rapidly evolving risk events, including the effects of global pandemics, supply chain disruptions, extreme weather events, geopolitical…
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Adopting the CEO mentality

Adopting the CEO mentality October 12, 2022 “There are many potential leaders out there who simply lack the self-belief and toolkit to begin their own journey to the top” (Nyimpini…
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Multinational companies – risks in abundance

Multinational companies – risks in abundance. September 13, 2022 For multinational companies, wherever they are based around the globe, navigating the global risk landscape is becoming anything but straightforward. Apart…
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Minet Botswana launches a life division

Minet Botswana launches a life division. September 6th, 2022 In April 2022, Minet Botswana opened a Life Division which is currently being led by Boikgabo Passman with a team of…
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Propelling the insurance industry forward

Propelling the insurance industry forward June 27, 2022 Insurance firms are summarily viewed as establishments meant to cancel or minimize the adverse consequences of unforeseen misfortunes and are expected to…
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Minet Kenya’s ISO 9001 2015 journey

Minet Kenya’s ISO 9001 2015 journey January 25, 2022 Our ISO 9001 2015 journey began almost 3 years ago with the introduction of Minet Kenya’s new strategic pillars. The Operational…
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When health and wealth intertwine

When health and wealth intertwine January 18, 2022 In one of Robin Sharma’s writings, he referenced “…Ideas are worth nothing unless backed by application…”, and such is no exception when…
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Health insurance – The underwriting cycle

Health Insurance – The Underwriting Cycle December 14th, 2021 Health care cost trends are not the only factor influencing the change in health insurance premiums. Competition, legislation, regulation, and difficulty…
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How to build a team of high performers

How to build a team of high performers December 06, 2021 Napoleon Bonaparte was not only a skilled army general. He was also the greatest military strategist of his time.…
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Mental disorders

Mental disorders October 29, 2021 We have all at one point been in contact or are still in contact with someone suffering from a mental disorder. A state in which…
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The tenets of reinsurance

The tenets of reinsurance August 15, 2021 The basic tenets and concept of insurance are becoming matters of priority among many policy holders as more people become aware of the…
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Blockchain, cryptocurrency and insurance

Blockchain, cryptocurrency and insurance June 14, 2021 Show of hands, who has heard of Blockchain? I presume most of us, right? How about Cryptocurrencies aka “Cryptos”? Quite a few, I…
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Tax advantages of retirement funds

Tax advantages of retirement funds April 13, 2021 Most governments have set up schemes for the assistance of the senior citizens, generally of 60 years of age and above, belonging…
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Africa … a continent of promise

Africa … a continent of promise November 30, 2020 The rebirth of Minet marks a historic milestone in the risk advisory industry as Minet prides itself on an extensive African…
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Telehealth – the benefits & risks

Telehealth – the Benefits & the Risks October 5, 2020 Telehealth is the distribution of health-related services and information via electronic information and telecommunication technologies It allows for long-distance patient…
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COVID-19 & the Impact on Tourism

COVID-19 & the Impact on Tourism July 6, 2020 Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA). The World Bank Tourism in Africa Report…
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Human capital solutions for COVID-19

Human capital solutions for COVID-19 July 1, 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has brought calamity around the world, affecting the daily human and business activities. As at the end of June…
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The benefits of group retirement schemes

The Benefits of Group Retirement Schemes June 5, 2020 When reading the title of this article, three reasons to investigate the benefits of group retirement schemes immediately come to mind:…
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Cyber insurance in the COVID-19 environment

Cyber insurance in the COVID-19 environment May 19, 2020 With the unprecedented global pandemic of COVID-19, companies are adapting to the new reality of social distancing and self-isolation, practices encouraged…
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The Phenomena of Cybercrime

The Phenomena of Cybercrime November 18, 2019 Cybercrime is an ongoing threat, which severely increased over the past few years. You might think that the only form of cybercrime you…
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Your Insurance Products Demystified

Your Insurance Products Demystified October 15, 2019 In 1999, a rather resilient tabloid rumor returned American singer Jennifer Lopez to international headlines. It was reported that she had gone ahead…
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Drought looms in Namibia

Drought Looms in Namibia July 15, 2019 The Southern African Development Community will receive normal to below normal rainfall in the 2018-2019 farming season.  Reports also say that Namibia will…
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